Battlefield: Home details how those who fulfilled their mission come home only to find their personal battles are just beginning.


The Mental Injury Battlefield

PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) are just some of the challenges veterans, family members and caregivers endure when a loved one is impacted by a mental injury.


The Systemic Battlefield

The VA inspector general found tens of thousands of benefits cases omitted or ignored by department officials that “significantly understated the number of claims awaiting decisions for over 125 days.”

The Military Times 2018


The Social Stigma Battlefield

Stigma harms the 1 in 5 Americans affected by mental health conditions. It shames them into silence and prevents them from seeking help.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)


Battlefield: Home takes you from the jungles of Vietnam to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, telling both sides of a veteran’s story, not only the emotional issues of combat, war and injuries, but of life and courage.

This intimate insight into the lives of our veteran community and families, combined with our balance of medical and psychological experts, explains the realities of war, service and resiliency.

Winner of the prestigious SAMHSA Voice Award, Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence is a personal exploration into process of ‘coming home.’





Anita Sugimura Holsapple wins Sisters of Cinema Director Award for “Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence”

Winner of Sisters of Cinema Award for Directing

Radio New Mexico – Round Table Interview with Director – Anita Sugimura Holsapple

Radio New Mexico Round Table Interview

SAMHSA to Recognize Community and Entertainment Leaders for Elevating Awareness about Mental Health and Addiction Treatment, Support, and Recovery at Tonight’s 2018 Voice Awards

SAMHSA 2018 Voice Award Official Press Release

CAHSS Alum Receives SAMHSA 2018 Voice Award For Documentary Film, Battlefield: Home-Breaking the Silence on PTSD, Addiction, and Recovery Support y-film-battlefield-home-breaking-the-silence-on-ptsd-addiction-and-recovery-support/


THIN LINE: ‘Battlefield: Home – Breaking the Silence’ reveals the raw transformation veterans endure

Battlefield : Home – Breaking The Silence


Every warrior, who ever went to battle, is still there. Every family that warrior came home to, joined that battle. For them, long after the flags have retired, the weapons have been stored, the histories have been written, the war never ends. For the warrior…For the family.
As the country comes to learn acronyms for Improvised Explosive Device, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, much has been said about the plight of the returning veteran. But there is one perspective that has gotten lost in the discussion; the perspective of the families who welcome their heroes home.

It is those people, the wives, husbands, children and parents, who see the true effects of the battlefield. They know that the person who left them to defend our freedoms never returned. Their tattered, torn souls, witnesses to the horrors of war, have been irrevocably changed.

The military family knows this. For the most part, they maintain the silent dignity of the service. It’s part of the unspoken Code of Conduct for the families of those who serve. But for those in the civilian world, the silence goes unnoticed. Most of the population doesn’t know…they don’t care to know; as the reality is often too overwhelming for most. They can’t even conceive of the battle that comes home, the battle that lingers, the battle that leaves an imprint on the soul despite time and generations.

BATTLEFIELD: HOME – BREAKING THE SILENCE is an attempt to bridge the gap between those two worlds. A feature-length documentary about the invisible issues that impact our veterans and their families; with an emphasis on the families that stand in the shadows but are the first line of care for the returning heroes. It is about the problems they all face, the obstacles they endure, the frustrations that mount, the despair in trying to be understood, and it is also about the hope of the human spirit to return to just being whole again.

Created, produced, and directed by a military brat, “Battlefield: Home –Breaking The Silence,” has the unique perspective to tell that story. As the daughter of a Vietnam-era combat Marine, her quest is to examine the impact and effects of service, honor and trauma on the military family and shine a light on the social divide between the families of those who serve and those they protect.

This film tells both sides of a veteran’s story, not only the emotional issues of combat, war and injuries, but of life and courage. This intimate insight into the lives of our veteran community, combined with our balance of medical and psychological experts, explains the realities of war, service and resiliency.

Battlefield : Home – Breaking The Silence


I never expected to become a documentary filmmaker, but like many people, a singular event altered my course, taking me down a very unexpected path.

When the planes hit the Pentagon and the Twin Towers, I knew it was only moments before our troops and military families would find themselves in a world of uncertainty and challenge.

My mother survived the bombing of Japan, and my dad served two combat tours in Vietnam, so being the daughter of a survivor of war and a warrior, I knew all too well the dynamics and questions that would impact our new military families.

After creating a research study during graduate school, I found myself wanting to use visual storytelling in order to enhance the dilemma that our post 9/11 troops and families were facing.

Were these families going to encounter the same roadblocks that we did? How would it impact the spouses…the children? What would their legacy of trauma be?

I found that despite time, the same issues that plagued my family continued to haunt this new generation of military families and I wanted to find a way to offer them a voice, a voice that my generation did not have. So in 2007, I bought a little Sony camera and began filming.

After 10 years, the film has finally been completed. What began as a discovery, ended with a revelation that despite the years, the stories are still the same, the issues are still the same…but so too is the heart of perseverance.

What differentiates this documentary from the many others that now pepper the landscape? Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence stems from the voice of a military child of war…a military Brat, one who has lived the life. One who has also lived through the devastation of war and its personal aftermath.

It will take a concerted effort to solve these continuing issues that create a ripple effect within everyone’s lives. This film is about changing the outcome for any person ever impacted by trauma, especially our military community.

War is human interaction no matter the degrees of separation…and that interaction leaves an imprint forever. Whether one is the warrior or the survivor, trauma shapes and defines us in how we see the world and each other.

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