Battlefield : Home – Breaking The Silence


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Home as a Battlefield

Battlefield: Home details how those who fulfilled their mission overseas come home only to find their personal battles are just beginning.

At home, far too many veterans find out the war isn’t over, and the difficulty of the reintegration process is often unanticipated and under-resourced.

The invisible wounds our military men and women bring back with them from battle can turn these former warriors against themselves.

Some wounds are visible and life-altering in their effect on the service member and their family. Others combat wounds are invisible—like PTSD and TBI—but affect the vet and their ability to reintegrate into their home-life just as a physical wound does.

In past generations, society has barely recognized the difficulties combat veterans and their loved ones face as they attempt to reintegrate. But we don’t have to repeat the errors of the past when it comes to our veterans and the battlefield at home.

With greater understanding, compassion, and action we can provide a more welcoming and healing society for our combat vets.


Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence

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