Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence

will begin national broadcast on public television! (PBS)

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  • 211 Public Television Markets
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“Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence,” was created and made by the daughter of a USMC combat veteran of the Vietnam War. Anita’s lifetime journey of post war trauma runs parallel to the journey of today’s veterans and families, illustrating the on-going challenges of invisible injuries and the totality of its impact to the veteran and the family.
Battlefield: Home – gives viewers a peek behind the curtain to enhance the support, understanding and engagement between our military families and their own communities.

All too often, many are unaware on how best to “support our troops,” this film gives everyone an opportunity of getting involved and together finding solutions and support. Whether through institutional or educational systems, companies or organizations, the commonality of injuries and trauma is not exclusive, thus a unified effort helps and strengthens us all.

If you are interested in sponsoring the PBS broadcast of Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence, please contact us.


“…a candid and unvarnished perspective on the often- invisible wounds of war…and wide-ranging effects on families and children.”
—Christopher Giza, MD, UCLA Brain Injury Research Center & Director—UCLA BrainSPORT


“Thank you for showing a different view of war and making space for conversations to start …it truly saves lives.”
—SMSgt. Linda Mortensen U.S.AirForce (Ret.)


“This film will change the way you look at veterans and their families…”
— Maj. Michael McDowell USMC (Ret.)