Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence (PBS) shares the stories of combat veterans and their families and the invisible issues that impact them; with an emphasis on the families that stand in the shadows but are the front line of care for our returning veterans.

Produced and directed by a military brat, Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence has the unique perspective to tell that story. As the daughter of a Vietnam-era combat Marine, her quest is to examine the impact and effects of service, honor and trauma on the military family and shine a light on the social divide between those who serve and those they protect.

“Such an important documentary that raises awareness of such difficult and complex issues. Everyone should see this film”

Libby HopkinsDirector of Clinical Services - Hospice of New Mexico

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Corporations, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations across the country are sharing Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence with their staff and community.

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“How fortunate I was to be a part of the sharing of "Battlefield: Home" with my fellow CAB veteran supporters at our gathering in Little Rock. In the breaking of bread and the sharing of story, our evening with Anita brought a diverse group of "practitioners of care" to a more intimate and personal experience of why we serve those we serve. I cannot fully express what this meant to us all.”

Paul HillClay Hunt CAB Summit

More About Director & USMC Military Brat, Anita Sugimura Holsapple

Director and Combat Veteran Daughter, Anita Sugimura Holsapple is an Award-winning documentary filmmaker and sociologist with a M.S. in conflict analysis & resolution.

She has spoken to organizations, educational institutions and non-profits about her film, and her personal stories of being a combat veterans daughter and the impact of primary and secondary trauma upon the family. Her goal is to help others, whether military or not, to better understand the journey of trauma through open, honest, and candid conversations.

Battlefield: Home - Breaking The Silence was an unexpected project but one I needed to make. There were so many films and stories told by “outsiders” whose good intentions and whose singularly focused subject, sadly perpetuated the stigma of trauma, especially PTSD. My goal was to dispel the myth and showcase the complexity of the transition, while also demonstrating that we are not defined by our trauma experiences.”

Anita Sugimura Holsapple, M.S.

“Authentic and raw, Battlefield: Home masterfully articulates and drives home the deeper issue of “why” the PTS issue has perpetuated itself in restricting the successes of our service members and their loved ones who attempt to transition back into our communities.

Failure to preventatively generate workable solutions will leave the nation with exponential consequences both in human and social capital for those left behind.

This film will change the way you look at veterans and their families. Highest recommendations.”

Maj. Michael S. McDowell, USMC (Ret)President & CEO - The Valor Club, USA

“Battlefield: Home let me hear the stories of other generations, other voices from war and that was moving. The holistic family effect is eye-opening… Thank you for showing a different view of war and making space for conversations to start. Nothing is more important than that time of connection, it truly saves lives.”

SMSgt. Linda Mortensen U.S.A.F. (Ret.)

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