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β€œBattlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence,” is a labor of love and pain. It’s an attempt to shine the light of day on the issues…. that face not only the veterans of wars but also the impact on the families and friends involved in the lives of these veterans. This is an aptly named film as it shows the interactions of the returned veteran and his community.

Several have attempted to explain these issues to the public mostly without great success. Anita is uniquely positioned to provide an insider’s view into this issue. She is the daughter of a combat military member and watched her father deploy time after time to secure the freedoms we hold dear to us. Her mother is a survivor of the horrors of WW11.

Anita has seen the impact of war on veterans and civilians alike. Her perspective is viewed through the prism of their experiences and reactions to their lives and the impacts they had on her family. These experiences yield a unique perspective as to the issues facing the family of the returning veterans and the veterans themselves.

She uses this perspective to talk with these families and discuss the issues which are most important to understand with people similarly situated to her. Thereby providing a window into the normally closed world of the battle those face when returning home and attempting integration into society as well as those family members who are involved in this reintegration.

This is an important film and should be watched by those who care about our fellow citizens who have fought to maintain our way of life.

Invisible wounds of trauma are not exclusive to the military, our goal is to create a unified effort of engagement through partnerships with communities, organizations and companies, as well as institutional and educational outreach.

We are extremely grateful for all that we have accomplished with our film and mission, however we still need support to help achieve our goal of deflating the stigma of invisible wounds, and saving lives.

PBS has recognized the importance of the film and its message as Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence will have a National PBS Broadcast.. We could use your help to get us there.

We are asking for donations to help secure not only the production requirements for PBS, but to also help spread our message and mission.
Please help to make this happen and send your donations to ensure the light of day is shown upon this important chapter in the lives of our fellow Americans.